Arabic Eye Makeup

Dramatic Arabic Eye Makeup

Arabic makeup is known for its dramatic look. The Arabic makeup look involves dramatic eyes. This is usually done by using several complementary eye shadows, and blending them over layers. This results in a vibrant look. 

Eyeliner is then used to provide a dramatic contrast to the eyeshadow colors. Lastly, the eyebrows are highlighted or thicken with a brow pencil.

The look can take some skill to create; of course, one needs a steady hand and a sense of color to be able to blend complementary colors that looks stunning.

Here are some Arabic Eye Makeup Tips to help you get started on creating your very own dramatic Arabian look!

Arabic Eye Makeup Tips

1) Start with the eyelids first. Typically, you should first pick a base eyeshadow color. For dramatic Arabian Eye Makeup look, pick a shade that is slightly glistening, or luminous. Apply the base eyeshadow color on the upper lash line going to the top part of your eyelids.

2) Next, you should shape your eyes with the use of a dark eye pencil and do strokes on the base. Extend the line towards the outer part of your eyes and make a wing shape. The inner eyelids should be applied with a light sparkling color going to the mid part of the brow area.

3) A darker eye shadow is then applied to the remaining eyelid part going to the brows. Add color as desired extending towards the wing you have previously created. Blend the colors in the top eyelid. Highlight your upper brow part. Use a cream colored or white eye shadow to emphasize the eyes.

4) Apply another layer of dark eye pencil on the top eyelid. With a black liquid eye liner, make a thin line extending to the wing shape and let it dry.

5) To finish this look, apply two to three coats of black mascara for that total Arabic look.

Arabic Eye Makeup Pictures

 Blue Dramatic Arabic Eye Makeup

 Purple Color Arabic Eye Makeup
There are three purple shades of varying darkness blended to create this look.

 Luminous Shades - Arabic Eye Makeup
She is wearing false eyelashes

 Gold and Pink Arabic Eye Makeup

 Muted Arabic Eye Makeup
There are only Two Shades Used in this Simple But Fresh Look

Arabic Eye Makeup
Four Eyeshadow Shades Used