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Islamic Friendly Summer Maxi Dresses

Summer is here! Over on the East Coast of the US, the air has been sunny, hot and humid. Women are wearing colorful light dresses to keep cool. How can a Muslim women dress modestly and stay cool, and beautiful too? Well, maxi dresses are a great option for the fashion conscious Muslim woman.

It used to be that maxi dresses were hard to find in the mainstream department stores. But maxi dresses are back in trend. So too are long bohemian skirts. There are many great styles of maxi dresses to choose from! Maxi dresses exude femininity, and are practical for staying cool. No wonder many women (non-Muslims included) love to wear maxi dresses. Even celebrities love their maxi dresses - check out the styles of  Nicole Richie, Cheryl Cole and Rihanna in their maxi dresses below!

Although many maxi dresses are sleeveless, or spaghetti straps, the Muslim woman can make such outfits Islamic friendly by adding a long-sleeved flyaway cardigan (all the rage now!), or a light material jacket.

Check out some ideas for maxi dresses for Muslim women.

Summer Maxi Dresses for Muslim Women

Paisley Dress

Casual Maxi Dress

Long Sleeved Country Style Maxi Dress

Long Sleeved Kimono Styled Maxi Dress

Kaftan Styled Maxi Dress