Hijab Designs

Hijab fashion is being re-invented each and every day - gone are the boring mono-colored clothes that are simply draped on the head, covering the hair. Muslim women want to look good, and they are opting for interesting hijab fashion designs.

Hijabs are not typically ready-made and easily obtained in the stores, particularly if you are living in non-Muslim majority countries. Some aspiring Muslim fashion designers are taking it upon themselves to cater to the need of fashion-conscious Muslim women looking for stylish hijab designs. They are designing hijabs, and sewing the designs themselves! So often these hijab designs are unique.

We came across the Sahara brand of hijabs that is designed by Hana and Nadia. These designs are being sold on the Internet in Singapore via Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/Princessarabiafashion) at very reasonable rates, considering the time that probably went into designing and creating each of the hijab designs! Very inspiring indeed.

We selected some of the more stylish hijab designs, please see pictures of the hijab designs below.

Hijab Designs Pictures
Bright Red Embroidered Chiffon Hijab Design

 Hijab Design Chiffon Material with Smocking

 Shimmering Hijab Design 

 Two Color Blocked Hijab Design

 Simple Beaded Hijab Design

 A Bold Statement Piece - Hijab Design

 Hijab Design in a Pale Pink Color

For Festive Occasions
Beaded Hijab Design